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Developing an eye catching property that sells at the top of the market starts with one simple thing, seeing its potential. Our real estate team specializes in creating the most out of our clients assets. Whether it's taking an average home and giving it some love or stripping a home down to its studs and recreating the entire space, we tailor our services specifically to you.

Long Beach, CA

48% Property Value Added

Taking this home down to the studs, our team replaced all of the electrical and plumbing throughout the home. From there we installed new insulation, drywall, HVAC, and flooring to ensure the home operates at its best. Opening this house up allowed views of the giant backyard from the second you walked into the home. Upon its sale, this home set the record for the highest single story home in Long Beach, CA.

828 Martin Luther King Jr Ave-large-029-017-828 Martin Luther King Jr Ave-1500x999-72dpi
828 Martin Luther King Jr Ave-large-013-027-828 Martin Luther King Jr Ave-1500x999-72dpi

Hawthorne, CA

43% Property Value Added

By partnering with our client and implementing our streamlined concierge service, we were able to increase the value of their home by over $306,000, netting them an additional $166,000.

5036 W 136th St Hawthorne CA-small-006-011-5036 W 136th St Hawthorne-666x444-72dpi
5036 W 136th St Hawthorne CA-small-024-010-5036 W 136th St Hawthorne-666x444-72dpi

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